Secure Data Protection for Business – Touch Design Ltd

Touch Design Ltd – A very successful design agency whose business is solely reliant on the eletronic data files created for their client campaigns.

Touch Design

“As a design agency we deal with large photographic and video files, not to mention the actual design files we create for our clients campaigns.

If we lost these files our business would fail. We decided to invest in secure back up from David and his team at Anderson IT Management to feel reassured that a daily back up of our files was happening. We were very glad we did because the worst case scenario did happen. We had a major computer failure which resulted in all files in our studio being lost.

Once we got past the initial panic we called David who was very calm and reassured us that his team could put it right. By the next morning we had all our files back on a new machine and were able to continue offering our clients an uninterrupted service.

I took my data for granted and did not realise that I needed Anderson IT management until something went wrong. I am eternally grateful to David and his team for keeping me in business.” Scott Hingley – Creative Director

Allow us to help protect your business

More than just Backup.

Protecting data is more than just back up, it is about the continuity of an organisation in the event of a system outage or data loss. Consideration is therefore needed for how much storage is needed for backup and where backup data is located and importantly it is all about the retrieval and security of a crucial business asset.

The security of your information is our primary concern. We manage our customer’s data protection procedures and our processes are water tight.

Anderson IT Management have built an enviable reputation in delivering expertise and technical skills in modern day computing, secure data protection and trusted IT management services.

We help you design and build reliable IT systems, either at your own premises or hosted within our secure Data Centres, ensuring your data remains available at all times, private, secure and recoverable should you suffer data loss.