My own infrastructure

Building your own cloud is easier than you think and is a popular choice for larger businesses that want to retain full control over their storage and applications as well as back up their data – a function which private clouds do not allow for.

You will need your own software and hardware to create your own cloud solution however, once build, you can store servers on own premises or you can co-locate without losing any of the control your business requires.


  • Greater flexibility
  • More control
  • GDPR
  • Can be classed as an operating expenditureUnlimited size
  • Date security
  • Backup control

Traditional computing infrastructures comprised of multiple physical servers, complex networks and data storage that delivered applications and data to the end user’s desktop computer.

Today, virtualisation software has been adopted by many companies and is a modern and efficient way to build an IT infrastructure, not just for large organisations but for small to medium businesses.

Virtualisation software enables a simplified computing platform that is much easier to maintain, provides significant cost savings and is scalable to meet new demands from the business.

Initially designed to consolidate and improve the efficiency of physical application servers, virtualisation solutions now help businesses reduce further costs and complexity in data storage and end user desktops.

Anderson IT Management provide virtualisation solutions for businesses using recognised software companies including VMware and Microsoft.

Virtual Server Computing is a modern way to build an IT Infrastructure

The need to have multiple servers to support the range of applications you need, is a reality for many businesses. However these are expensive to manage and maintain, and are inheritantly difficult to protect.

Reduced costs and downtime

If a physical server breaks down, you need a back-up option in place, but a virtual server is easily and quickly recovered. Virtual computing not only improves power and energy efficiency but also reduces the risk of downtime to your business.

Even if you are a small business with only one server, making that a virtual server can offer you significant benefits.

Significant savings
When one of our clients was moving to a new office location, they were faced with the challenge of moving to smaller premises with a considerably reduced IT budget.

Converting their physical servers over to a virtualised solution addressed both of these challenges and the results were significant. A reduction in physical servers from 30 down to 3, a reduction in maintenance and running costs by over 30% per year and vastly improved level of security and resilience.

vmware vsphere

vmware horizon view

Virtual Desktop Computing secures company data and provides flexible access…
Businesses today are looking to provide secure access to computer data, but remove the constraints of being bound to the office desktop. Access to information both in and outside of the office is a modern day requirement.

Working from home
With more and more businesses looking to provide a better work life balance for their staff, building IT systems that can offer flexibility in how and where you work can provide many benefits.

Using your own device
More and more people would like the opportunity to gain access to data on their own personal devices, including their home computer, smart phone or tablet. This presents a challenge for any business and requires robust and secure systems in order to maintain control of the data assets.

A Virtual Desktop Solution provides the ideal solution to address all of these challenges, and offers significant savings in the management of End User computing.