Securing data within a Private Cloud – Capital Cranfield Trustees Ltd

Capital Cranfield Trustees Ltd – Deploying a Virtual Desktop solution within a Private Cloud has helped our business reduse risk and fully secure our data assets

Capital Cranfield

“For our business to stay ahead of our competitors, it is vital we maintain confidence in our customers. We must ensure our data files are private, secure and always available to our professional team of trustees and advisors.

The nature of our business requires a very flexible way of working, with many of our users working from home, often at irregular hours. This requires our IT systems to be always available and importantly we must maintain control of our data assets.

We needed to provide a standard computing platform for all our users that is familiar and simple to use, with industry recognised software. The system would be accessible from any computer or device that would be able to securely access our secure data files and company standard applications.

Anderson IT Management understood our business completely and introduced us to a modern way of working using a Virtual Desktop Solution that addressed these exact needs.

The solution has provided a modern way of working for our company, and has given us complete confidence that our data is accessible and highly secure, and our IT systems are efficient and always available.

Neil McPherson – Managing Director

How could a Virtual Desktop Solution help your business?

A Virtual Desktop solution enables complete flexibility in the way you work. It removes the limitations of being office bound in order to access your computer, applications and data – and considerably reduces the cost of ownership over the standard user desktop environment.

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) provides;

  • Secure, reliable computing
  • Continued use of existing assets, saving cost on computer replacements
  • Thin Client computers that reduce power and heat costs
  • Flexible working, using any computer or device, from any location