Your business is mobile, you want to operate where your customers need you, when they need you. Your team works independently, in different locations and on different devices.

But, do you know where your data is? Do you know how secure it is? Is it vulnerable to ransomware attack, data loss and down-time?

Our private cloud solutions offer unparallelled flexbility, security and reliability for your business.

Your systems are central and you can access them from any location and any machine. Imagine that if your laptop hard drive fails, you can simply switch to another machine and carry on working. Our private cloud clients can do just that. Your team can increase productivity and accuracy as they can work from anywhere on shared files with no conflict or duplication.

Your data is one of your most important resources. We ensure that it is not stored locally on individual devices, but centrally within our private cloud. This means that your data is secure, recoverable and that access is completely controllable.

Employees in the UK’s private sector are wasting a whole working day every month due to IT issues, at an annual cost of £35 billion ($44.9 billion) to the UK economy, according to new research by IT provider Managed 24/7 and YouGov. Public cloud services offer little support to individual businesses in the event of system failure and leave you with no one to call, no one who wants to get your business working again. We are your frontline support, focussed on reducing the risk of down-time and keeping your business running.